Brochures and Folders

Institutional Brochures

Institutional Brochures of Accademia di Senologia Umberto Veronesi 1

Institutional Brochures

Brochures presenting the workshops of Accademia di Senologia Umberto Veronesi 2

Brochures presenting the workshops

Client: Accademia di Senologia Umberto Veronesi
Services: Creative design and layout.

Brochures et pochettes événementielles

Europa Donna Events Brochures and folders

Brochures and Folder 1
Brochures and Folders 2

Graphic design, illustrations and layout of brochures for the Conference of Europa Donna (The European Cancer Coalition).
Client: Europa Donna - Milan.

Brochures and Folders 4
Brochures and Folders 5

Institutional Brochure-folder

Brochures and Folders 6

Graphic design, layout and illustrations of the corporate brochure. The new design of the brochure has been designed in order to enhance and promote the new identity of the client and conceived as a folder in the format for press releases.
Client: Nunatac srl - Milan - Solutions for Business Intelligence and Marketing

Brochures and Folders 6